Professional Sound

Beta Three TLB218 Line Array Series Dual 18 "LF Speaker

Beta Three TLA101 10" Two Way Line Array Speaker


Phonic PPC9000E 10-Outlet Power Conditioner with Light Modules and Surge Protection (European Standards)

Phonic PCX 4000 High Precision Stereo 2/3-Way Mono 4-Way Crossover

Phonic PCL 4700 4-Channel Dynamic Processor with Expander, Gate, Compressor and Limiter

Phonic iA231F Dual Channel 31-Band Digital Graphic Equalizer with Feedback Detection

Phonic PAA6 Digital 2-Channel Audio Analyzer with Color Touch LCD

Phonic PAA3 Handheld Audio Analyzer with USB Interface


Yoga HA-02 2-Way Stereo Headphone Disributor with Built In Booster

Phonic PHA8800 8-Channel Headphone Distribution Amplifier


Phonic Powerpod K12 Plus1000W 12 Input Powered Mixer with GEQ and DFX

Phonic Powerpod 2000R 2000W 10-Channel Powered Mixer with DFX and USB Recorder

Phonic Powerpod 1860 Plus 800W 12-Channel Powered Mixer with Graphic EQ & DFX

Phonic Powerpod 1082R 800W 10-Channel Powered Mixer with DFX and USB Recorder

Betamex Forte 10 Portable AC/DC Speaker

Betamex Forte 12 Portable AC/DC Speaker

Betamex Forte 15 Portable AC/DC Speaker System

Betamax Safari 115 Portable Speaker

Phonic MAX3500 2 x 800W 8 Power Amplifier

Phonic MAX500 2 x 90 W 8 Power Amplifier

Phonic MAX2500 PLUS2 x 500W 8 Power Amplifier

Phonic MAX860 PLUS2 x 200W 8 Power Amplifier

Betamex BXA 210 Active Speaker System 300W

Betamex BXA 212 Active Speaker System 500W

Betamex BXA 215 Active Speaker System 600W

Phonic iSK18SB 500W (RMS) 18 Subwoofer

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